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Residents of Largo do Tanque undergo forced evictions and demolition of homes in Rio de Janeiro's West Zone, to make room for the Transcarioca Highway, that will eventually be built to accommodate the Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Monday, Feb. 25, 2013. ..In less than 2 weeks, 54 houses were demolished with sledgehammers and bulldozers. In under 2 weeks, 54 houses were demolished and hundreds of residents left to fend for themselves. The City assessor sent to handle negotiations told residents not to speak with one another or seek legal advice otherwise he would reduce settlement offers. Many residents agreed to compensations, around R$7000 (US$3500). Most residents cannot afford to buy a plot of land with that compensation and will be forced to rent kitchenettes, at less than 20m2. As established in the Brazilian Constitution, and in accordance with local legislation (the Organic Municipal Law), the duration of residents' life in the area gave them legal rights to the homes, while compensation should allow them to attain an equal situation elsewhere. ..The west zone, located west of downtown and beach neighborhoods is often overlooked and is widely known to be run by militia groups, who are former and current police and firefighter personnel that run extortion rings to monopolies. .